I have been meaning to write a post on inaction for a while but did not seem to be able to think about how to convey what I mean. But now I do… There are times when I just simply don’t want to do anything. I have now accepted that those are times I need […]

Could be a baby rattle

I was looking for some Piriton (anti allergy tablets) for my son the other day in our medical box…which has taken over a shelf in one of our kitchen cupboards. I was shocked. I hadn’t realised that I had accumulated so many pills. Every time something was wrong and I went to the doctor, they subscribed some […]

You are NOT alone

Today I heard about a local headmistress who hung herself and it really upset me. I have been thinking about what she must have been going through and how she must have felt to come to that decision and action. There were comments from others that she seemed so happy. It is exactly this sort […]


I was talking to a very wise woman the other day and she was talking to me about surviving cancer. In passing she said how in the modern society, we don’t treat our bodies with kindness. Now this really resonated with me. She was so right. There really isn’t enough kindness around. When we are ill, […]

Two ears and one mouth

Now, I love this expression, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” Good advice for a lot of people out there, don’t you think? One of the biggest problems around, I think, is that people don’t listen. They may hear but don’t really listen […]