Climbing out the hole

I’ve had quite a bad episode this time and have been ‘out of it’ for just over a month. Doc has increased the happy pills and says I’m really good at hiding what I’m actually feeling. We all do though, don’t we? We become experts at hiding how we’re feeling.

A friend of mine commented that we should be the ones getting the Oscars at acting, not these people in Hollywood. Brilliant!

What has really surprised me over the past few weeks is how I’ve got into writing. Whenever things have got overwhelming, I’ve taken it out on my keyboard and have created pages and pages of content. I think I might even call it a book. 3000 words and counting, no where near finished.

What am I going to do with it? No idea. At the moment it’s just for me and I’m writing from the heart. About feelings. About me. About depression.

About climbing out the hole.



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