Depression is a modern illness

The other day I overheard someone say that these days people don’t do enough which is why so many of us are depressed.

I remember feeling quite annoyed with this comment. I do lots but why do I get depressed? Are they implying I’m lazy?

I got angry, then I started to think about it. Maybe there was truth in what was said.

Maybe we are busy these days but busy doing the wrong things, things that done fulfil us, things that don’t let us connect to our souls.

We do seem to get stuck doing the same mundane chores over and over, then one day, if we wake up  we realise it is perhaps not what we thought our lives would be.

So, maybe to feel happier, we.need to be busy but doing the right things.

I for one want to discover if I have any creativity and have been enjoying a pottery class where I get to work with my hands. it makes me happy and I enjoy it.

So try something new, try to feel what your soul wants and do more tgongs that make you happy.

Let me know how you go x


My first ever pot


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