Is love enough?

I have been wondering about something a lot this past week. In a family, is love really enough?

Parents can love their children so much but surely it is their actions and how they treat their children that shows truly how they feel?

If a parent is constantly criticizing or commenting on how bad a child is doing, if a parent never praises a child, or hugs them or talks to them in a kind voice or support them, is love enough?

A lot of problems I have seen in adults seem to stem from when they were children, carrying forward hang ups, comments and beliefs that parents have taught them. These parents have loved these adults but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

Maybe in this modern day society we have warped the meaning and understanding of what love is in a family. Parents show their love by the value of material gifts, the size of presents seem to matter more than time with children or simply listening to them. Maybe the thought is because everyone sits together in the evenings they are a close family, but they don’t even talk. Everyone is so busy keeping up with what they think they should be doing and take loved ones around them for granted. Some families wait for others to fail to say ‘told you so’ and laugh at the downfalls, rather than help and support people who have fallen.

I really don’t know what the answer is but I believe that being in a loving family isn’t enough. The family need to listen to each other, support each other, live with kindness and think of each other.

Love on its own isn’t enough. Think what comes with love; compassion, empathy, being caring and supportive, then maybe we will see more happy people.


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