I have been meaning to write a post on inaction for a while but did not seem to be able to think about how to convey what I mean.

But now I do…

There are times when I just simply don’t want to do anything. I have now accepted that those are times I need to have time out, to heal, to recharge.

There are times when people talk at me about what they want to do but they never do it. They are standing in their own way, they are scared. And I have accepted that and do not get frustrated about it anymore. I try to help but if they want to keep going around in circles, that is up to them (joys of self determination!)

Then I read somewhere that with action comes energy and I loved this! So now, when I have things to do, I try my best not to over think it and just DO. Sometimes it’s easier said than done but 90% of the time I really do feel better for having done it.

The other day, I had to drive somewhere but started getting stressed because I did not have the sat nav. I was panicking because I had to find my way on map print outs. It was not easy and boy did I have some panic attacks but I did it and the feeling of joy to have overcome this was huge.

This grown up life is so difficult and quite scary but I’m trying to just do things now because it’s true – with action, energy certainly comes. And a nice little by product: happiness 🙂


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