Could be a baby rattle

I was looking for some Piriton (anti allergy tablets) for my son the other day in our medical box…which has taken over a shelf in one of our kitchen cupboards.

I was shocked. I hadn’t realised that I had accumulated so many pills. Every time something was wrong and I went to the doctor, they subscribed some pills. If I had been a good girl, I would have taken them all but they seemed to either make things worse with other side effects or not work at all. There are packets and packets and it really made me think.

Why do doctors just look at one thing at a time?

I’m unhappy – here are some pills

My digestion is all over the place – have some pills

I keep getting headaches – oh, um…have some pills

I’m sick of the way doctors pat me on the head and treat me like nothing is wrong – hmm…will have to think of that one – oh have some pills!

If I took all the pills that have been subscribed, I’d be as noisy as a baby’s rattle! I have had some experience of homeopathy but really wonder if alternative therapies work?

I wonder sometimes if it’s better just to plod on by yourself and make yourself strong rather than depend on others to help. Just a thought


2 thoughts on “Could be a baby rattle

  1. Hi.
    I’ve recently found your blog through your recent post on Time To Change. Just reading this post has really hit a chord of some sort. About medication. I was just given pills because I felt sad.. well depressed. I’ve recently come off them to go on a different type of anti depressants, but I’m feeling much better already. I’ve just wondered whether it’s not all about the pills.
    Okay, random comment over. Sorry! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Lizzie and for reading my post.
      So happy and reassured to hear the medication worked for you. 🙂
      Pills didn’t work for me at all but I am finding other ways to cope x

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