I was talking to a very wise woman the other day and she was talking to me about surviving cancer. In passing she said how in the modern society, we don’t treat our bodies with kindness.

Now this really resonated with me. She was so right. There really isn’t enough kindness around.

When we are ill, the doctors subscribe pills to numb the symptoms and don’t even look at the cause. Sometimes, parts are simply chopped away to deal with what is happening. When the body tells us it is ill, why do we bombard it, why do we not treat it kindly and gently and soothe it back to health?

When someone is drowning in their emotions, society calls them weak and unable to cope. When someone needs help, they fear being vulnerable and being hurt or laughed at. When someone has made a mistake, there are so many there to laugh and say ‘told you so’. Children fear exams and failing, fear parents being dissapointed in them.

I dream of a society where you can really be yourself, where you are offered kindness every step of the way and help is given when you need it. A society where strengths are celebrated and weaknesses are supported.

Just image how great we would be? What we could achieve? How harmonious it would be and how ultimately happy we would be, just from a bit of kindness…

Just kindness.


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