Not depression, just a cr*p life

I met a psychiatrist the other day and he gave me an insight to his patients.

He said a lot of people who came to him didn’t have depression, they just had crap lives. They were so unhappy about what situation they were in, they became ill.

It got me thinking. Was my life bad? No. So why do I get so low?

I came to the conclusion that for me personally, it was how I looked at things. I realised I’ve always been a ‘glass half’ kind of girl but always persuaded myself I wasn’t.

This had to change. I think its got some fancy name and is a proper therapy but basically I’ve been trying to retrain my brain.

If I order curtains and they don’t fit, normally I would get upset because I’d measured wrong, ordered wrong, I wouldn’t get the curtains up, I would fail at achieving a simple task, I couldn’t get anything right, how pathetic was I! You see, downward spiral.

Now I would get annoyed but think, ok, that was a mess up, what can I do to fix it? What are my options? Has anyone got hurt? Will anyone die from this? (The last one is a bit extreme but it does help put things in perspective)

Again, this is another one of those easier said than done things and I don’t always succeed, although I’m happy to say that I have more good moments than bad 🙂 But then again I celebrate the smallest thing and try to keep positive.

So, instead of a downward spiral, flip it around and try to make it an upward spiral. Try to take control of the situation rather than the situation controlling you.

Let me know how you get on and we can compare success stories.


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