Candy floss clouds

 You know they are not made out of candy floss, don’t you? And you can’t bounce on them either. And Santa doesn’t exist, the tooth fairy doesn’t exist.

Do you remember that sinking feeling when someone told you such things?  I was heartbroken when I was told that there was no possibility I could bounce on the clouds. Or when I realised that adulthood wasn’t what I’d dreamt it would be. Or that living in the UK isn’t great, marriage isn’t easy, adulthood won’t be easy. Or that the relationships you think are there to help, actually hinder and hurt?

Disappointment has been the cause of a lot of my heartache and my ability to deal with it.

So, one of my steps to free myself is to look at as many of these sort of situations I can think of and revisit them, understand different perspectives of different people involved, think of what has been said and finally deal with it all over again from where I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to do this all in one go, just as I remember things, I process them and put them to one side.

So even though the clouds aren’t made of candy floss, and I can’t bounce on them, I can look at them from below, enjoy the shapes, photograph them, see their shadows or the light on them at sunset. I can see them for what they are and how magical they can be but from where I am now, with acceptance truth and understanding.

See things from where you are now, with acceptance, truth and understanding


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